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Ashish Kothari


Co-coordinator of ACKnowl-EJ, one of the 3 currently funded projects on transformative knowledge. Founder-member of Indian environmental group Kalpavriksh, Ashish taught at Indian Institute of Public Administration, coordinated India’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, has served on Greenpeace International and India Boards, helped initiate the global ICCA Consortium, and chaired an IUCN network on protected areas and communities. He has (co)authored or (co)edited over 30 books (including Birds in our Lives, and Churning the Earth), including two for children. He helps coordinate the Vikalp Sangam process in search of alternative well-being pathways, and a network Radical Ecological Democracy that connects people working on alternatives across the world. He is also member of the global working group 'Beyond Development' set up by the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation.

Professional/research interests