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Transformations stories

Research under the Transformations to Sustainability programme is grounded in specific contexts across the world. With this series of transformations stories, we aim to illustrate some of the social transformations being studied by the Transformative Knowledge Networks, and to examine the kinds of research and action that can help create conditions for social transformation.

Indigenous self-governance in Bolivia (Spanish/English) – Mirna Inturias (ACKNOWL-EJ)

The Bolivian constitution explicitly recognizes Indigenous rights, including territorial rights, yet achieving real autonomy remains a challenge, and sustainable land management is increasingly under pressure from development.

Multi-stakeholder water monitoring in India – Pravin Kushwaha (PATHWAYS)

How can a citizen science approach to water monitoring help to build an integrated system of water management?

Patrick van Zwanenberg on opening up seed systems (PATHWAYS)

The global seed system is currently undergoing a very rapid transformation, but in an unsustainable direction. What kind of approaches could help to combat a decline in seed diversity?

The social impacts of green transformations in China – Yang Lichao (PATHWAYS)

Reducing environmental pollution demands difficult decisions, especially when it comes to cutting back on polluting industries. What are the impacts for workers, and how can the social implications of green transformations be addressed?

Transitions to organic agriculture in Zimbabwe – Mutizwa Mukute (T-LEARNING)

Deep transformations are sometimes about transgression or disruption – breaking out of unsustainable or unjust practices that have become habitual. What does that look like in practice?

Transformations in practice – Susi Moser

What do we mean by transformations in practice? What do they look like at the grassroots level? And how can we scale them up?