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Workshop on advancing methods for transdisciplinary research on transformations to sustainability begins in Buenos Aires

The fourth annual Transformative Knowledge Workshop begins today in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Taking place just over halfway into the three-year lifespan of the Transformative Knowledge Networks (TKNs), the workshop will focus on methods in transdisciplinary research. Revisiting the concept of the ‘theory of change’ introduced at the 2016 workshop in New Delhi, 16 members of the three networks, together with programme staff, will reflect critically and comparatively on their methodologies and methods in relation to the projects’ underlying theoretical frameworks, theory of change and case study objectives.

Each of the programme’s annual workshops takes place in a location that has undergone or is undergoing deep social change. Argentina’s ongoing pursuit of remembrance, truth and justice in the wake of the civic-military dictatorship of the late 1970s and early 1980s will be the focus of a field trip to the ‘Remembrance and Human Rights Centre’ in Buenos Aires. The field trip, mediated by historian Victoria Basualdo (CONICET, FLACSO), will raise issues relevant to the T2S programme such as: the role of social mobilization in achieving social justice and dealing with the past; strategies for engagement between dissonant actors; and the multiple roles of the researcher in processes of transformation, from objective generator of knowledge to active agent of change.

The four-day workshop is co-hosted by the Centro de Investigaciones para la Transformación (CENIT) and the National University of San Martín (UNSAM) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and will be followed by a one-day meeting of the programme Steering Committee. There will also be opportunities for members of the networks to meet and exchange with the Steering Committee members on the final day of the workshop.

The workshop will be a moment to deepen connections between the TKN projects and partners and to integrate knowledge across cases, countries and projects, particularly on methods for transdisciplinary research for transformation.

Follow the latest from the workshop on twitter and keep an eye on our website for outputs.


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