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Media coverage of the Transformative Knowledge Networks

One year into their operation, the Transformative Knowledge Networks (TKNs) supported by the Transformations to Sustainability programme have had media exposure worldwide. International media outlets, blogs and news sites from seven countries released opinion pieces, articles and other updates in five languages in 2016, covering the work of ACKnowl-EJ, T-Learning, and Pathways.

One example is an article published by in Ecuador that reflects the work of ACKnowl-EJ during the International Action Day Against Chevron event of May 21st, 2016. For this event, ACKnowl-EJ produced a map that featured cases of global conflict related to Chevron activities. The map, which was a joint effort of EJatlas, A SUD – Ecologia e Cooperazione ONLUS y CDCA – Centro di Documentazione sui Conflitti Ambientali, Italy and UDAPT (Unión de Afectados por Texaco -, Ecuador) gained press coverage in several countries as part of an international campaign aimed at influencing shareholders.

Hyperlinks to all these stories are available here.


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