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Tiny books for T-Learning

The T-Learning projects met for their third research school and project meeting this June in Colombia, following on from the Living Aulas Early Career Research School. Time was spent on reflecting on the qualities and processes of T-learning, discussing metaphors that help to transgress the taken-for-granted, and forms of sharing the t-learning research. One of the key outcomes of the meeting is the emergence of a Tiny Books Library for T-learning.

The tiny books act as a device and process to democratize complex knowledge systems across a diverse group of citizens. What makes the tiny books so powerful is that they all fit on a A4 double-sided single sheet of paper, that is then easily folded three times into a tiny A7 pocket-sized, 16 page illustrated booklet. They are cheaply and easily reproduced and require little technical skill or equipment. They can be produced by children and adults. The Tiny book project takes complex ideas, situations and stories and shares them simply, from people’s own perspectives and in their own voices.

Besides writing tiny books, the T-learning team are also planning a Special Issue Journal on the outcomes of the T-learning research, and a set of small books for supporting learning facilitators to engage with T-learning approaches.  These are currently in development, along with an online book which will carry the title ‘Learn to Transgress: Transgress to Learn’.


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