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T-learning research school, Visby, Sweden, July 2017: a dancing dialogue

The T-learning network gathered for its second research school, hosted by SWEDESD in Visby on the island of Gotland, Sweden, from 5-9 July 2017. The school constituted a rich gathering in which to share and deepen understandings of T-learning – as it has emerged over the past year – with the purpose of developing the project. Since its previous meeting T-learning has been active in nine different country contexts (Colombia, Ethiopia, Sweden, Zimbabwe, India, Netherlands, South Africa, Vietnam and Malawi – read more about these cases on the T-LEARNING website).

All those present at the meeting brought a sense of the importance, seriousness and value of T-learning: It is increasingly clear that people everywhere will need to learn to transform to sustainability in ways that are socially just, peaceful and ecologically sustainable. The space held by T-learning relates to various ways of thinking about learning: learning to transform ourselves and our systems, learning to transgress the various boundaries in which we reproduce unsustainable and unjust systems, learning across multiple disciplines and contexts and finally, learning collaboratively.

The purpose was to understand how T-learning is being characterized across the case studies, how it can be effectively analyzed and how we might narrate and share these findings through research. At the meeting T-learning was experienced, embodied and – in this way – richly theorized throughout the four days as we shared ideas, strengthened relations, learned and danced together. This is the result of drawing together 25 people who are passionate about education, passionate about the world and therefore driven towards realizing change towards a more just situation.

The sessions allowed us to collectively experience and explore the various aspects of T-learning and research including theory, methodology, analysis and ethics. The meeting has inspired several collaborative writing projects. Finally, the relationships established and strengthened within the network will help us to further an understanding of the emerging character of T-learning in the form of the network.

More details of the meeting will be published on the T-LEARNING website.


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