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T-Labs: A Practical Guide from the PATHWAYS network

The PATHWAYS network has published a new guide to T-Labs (Transformation Labs), which draws on lessons from its work worldwide as part of the Transformations to Sustainability programme.

Since 2016, the Pathways Network has convened T-Labs to respond to social-ecological problems in six countries (Argentina, Mexico, Kenya, China, the UK and India). T-Labs: A Practical Guide draws from the experiences and lessons from the network to inspire those who are considering similar approaches.

T-Labs are processes that include research, highly facilitated and designed workshops, and meetings – involving diverse stakeholders with an interest in a social-ecological problem, and some capacity to influence how it changes. There is an emphasis on creative and participatory methods, and in exploring questions of agency and power. The aim is to produce innovations and prototypes.

The guide, and lessons from the Pathways Network, will be shared at an event in Nairobi on 10 October 2018 convened by the STEPS Africa Sustainability Hub.

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T-Labs: A Practical Guide
Using Transformation Labs (T-Labs) for innovation in social-ecological systems

Pathways Network
September 2018

A number of stories of change, taken from the guide, summarise how the T-Lab process worked differently in the six Pathways Network sites. They show how transformations in each place depend on the context and people involved, and how the Pathways Network researchers adapted their approach. You can read them online here.


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