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Ecological debt: unacknowledged and unpaid

To coincide with COP21, we invited researchers from the ISSC’s networks to share their thoughts on the conference and its outcomes. In this blog originally posted on EJOLT  Professor Joan Martínez Alier asks “Todd Stern, why don’t you acknowledge the ecological debt?” In one of the last days of the COP21 in Paris in December 2015, where the […]

In search of transformations at COP21

Following two weeks that have seen 40,000 delegates descend on the Paris suburb of Le Bourget, hundreds of side events, thousands of recyclable cups, and the occasional dancehall star, COP21 is coming to a close. We caught up researchers from the Transformations to Sustainability network to hear about what brought them to the COP: Alice Newton: The issue […]

Participation is a catalyst for the transformation of societies

As the world is increasingly troubled by challenges, transformation has become a critical issue in the search for alternative approaches to improving conditions societies or creating better ones. The Transformations to Sustainability Programme promotes this ideology. I participated as a seed grant recipient in the first of a series of annual Transformative Knowledge Workshops organized […]

On the idea and meaning of transformation to sustainability

The idea of transformation to sustainability (T2S), though not entirely a literature of controversy, still means different things to different people. I consider it to mean a process whereby an individual or groups influence existing functional rubrics of a society towards a higher level of positive change in such a way that generations of today […]