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Putting environmental justice on the map

From prehistoric charts of the stars etched into cave walls to the fine-grained, multi-dimensional projections of the 21st century, maps have been tracing, reflecting and influencing the development of human society for thousands of years. As expressions and representations of our environment, maps have long been invaluable in providing direction and guiding human decisions. Today […]

Transformations 2017: My fears lit up in flames

At the turn of the month from August to September I had the privilege to partake in the Transformations conference, held in the historic city of Dundee, Scotland. As an early career researcher in the international T-LEARNING network, I am immensely interested in the forms and conditions for transformative learning that are needed in the […]

Coming to terms with messiness: what is a ‘Transformation lab’?

This post originally appeared on the STEPS Centre website. In this blog post, Laura Pereira explains the idea of a ‘Transformation Lab’ (T-lab). T-labs are being used in the PATHWAYS Network project in 6 countries to try to enable socio-ecological transformations. In the post, Laura uses an example of a completed T-lab from the GRAID […]

T-learning research school, Visby, Sweden, July 2017: a dancing dialogue

The T-learning network gathered for its second research school, hosted by SWEDESD in Visby on the island of Gotland, Sweden, from 5-9 July 2017. The school constituted a rich gathering in which to share and deepen understandings of T-learning – as it has emerged over the past year – with the purpose of developing the […]

Research, convening and bridging: sharing insights from the ISSC’s Transformative Knowledge Networks

By Adrian Ely (co-lead, ‘PATHWAYS’ Network), with contributions from Joanes Atela, Mirna Inturias, Dylan McGarry, Iokiñe Rodríguez & Patrick Van Zwanenberg. This post originally appeared on the STEPS centre website. Working with the International Social Science Council’s ‘Transformations to Sustainability’ programme brings the privilege of engaging with an incredible range of scholars and practitioners from across the […]

My personal Sustainable Development Goals

Most discussions of “transformations to sustainability” focus on the policies, businesses, or other large-scale initiatives that will help take us to a more sustainable world, without considering transformation at a personal level. It does not get much play in the professional literature. I guess it’s considered too subjective and personal a practice, and not of interest […]

System change will not be negotiated

We frequently hear calls for system change, at public mobilisations, in conference halls and even in negotiation halls. The calls come as slogans, they come in anger and they come as a strong rebuke to the systemic scaffold on which our pains, our exploitation and the denial of our voices and rights are hung. The […]