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Transformations in practice podcast series

Ahead of the Transformations 2017 conference which begins on 30 August in Dundee, United Kingdom, SustainaMetrix have published a series of podcasts with the conference organizers, speakers and participants. The conversations highlight themes of personal and professional transformation, environmental stewardship, climate change, human behaviour and evaluation of transformation in practice. The series features conversations with: […]

Accelerating social change for the 1.5°C challenge

What extra push is needed to make a new practice take off? What stops people from adopting transformative new behaviours? What examples of rapid social change do we have, and what can we learn from them to reach the goal of curbing warming at under 1.5°C? The Paris Agreement sets out an ambitious target for […]

Media coverage of the Transformative Knowledge Networks

One year into their operation, the Transformative Knowledge Networks (TKNs) supported by the Transformations to Sustainability programme have had media exposure worldwide. International media outlets, blogs and news sites from seven countries released opinion pieces, articles and other updates in five languages in 2016, covering the work of ACKnowl-EJ, T-Learning, and Pathways. One example is an […]

Call for funding proposals: Transformations to Sustainability

Over €13 million available for social science-led research on transformations to sustainability. Outline Proposals are invited by 5 April 2017. The full call for proposals and associated documentation is available on the NORFACE website. Climate change, environmental degradation and resource pressures have created unprecedented situations for societies worldwide. What’s more, low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) […]

Transformations and co-design: special issue publication

An edited collection of 16 papers on co-design in sustainability science, authored by members of the Transformations to Sustainability programme community, has been published as a special issue of the journal Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability (COSUST). The papers examine co-design in the context of social-science-led, integrated research on transformations to sustainability, including a practical […]

Pre-announcement: A multilateral joint call for proposals on Transformations to Sustainability (T2S)

Climate change, environmental degradation and resource pressures have created unprecedented situations for societies worldwide. Conventional knowledge and capacity building to tackle the challenges associated with sustainability have proven inadequate, and a comprehensive and concerted research initiative is needed to boost research on transformations to sustainability that can catalyse new kinds of solutions to environmental and […]

Transformational change by civil society on the agenda for 3rd Transformative Knowledge Workshop

The third Transformative Knowledge Workshop begins today at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. It will bring together representatives from the three Transformative Knowledge Networks (TKNs) funded under the ISSC’s Transformations to Sustainability (T2S) Programme – ACKnowl-EJ, Pathways and T-Learning – as well as others who were involved in the seed grants funded in 2014. Taking place […]

Webinar: Transformative Knowledge Networks – solutions-oriented research in practice

Research on global change and sustainability increasingly goes hand in hand with calls for profound change and social transformation – but what do we know about these processes in different, concrete contexts of application? What can social science-led research contribute to generating solutions and transformative change towards sustainability and social justice? On Tuesday, 5th July […]

Three Transformative Knowledge Networks launched by ISSC

Three “Transformative Knowledge Networks” will be funded as part of the innovative Transformations to Sustainability Programme, the International Social Science Council (ISSC) announced today. The programme aims to harness the potential of the social sciences to contribute to solving some of the world’s most urgent sustainability challenges by means of a better understanding of the […]