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Ten essentials for research that responds to the climate challenge

A knowledge brief published today by the Transformations to Sustainability programme highlights ten essentials for research that responds to the climate challenge. Accelerating the kinds of learning needed to make transformations to sustainability will require transformations in the way knowledge is produced and used. This brief sets out ten essentials for action-oriented transformations research, and […]

DayOne podcast: Understanding and guiding the way water flows in Cape Town

In the face of a complex water crisis in Cape Town, two early-career researchers involved in the T-LEARNING programme have launched DayOne – a podcast created by and for Cape Town to share understanding on how water flows in the city. The DayOne podcast aims to present the latest facts about the crisis, to start […]

The global voice for science – launch of the International Science Council

The International Social Science Council (ISSC), which launched the Transformations to Sustainability programme in 2014, has merged with the International Council for Science (ICSU) to form the International Science Council, a single unified council to be the global voice for all the sciences. You can visit the ISSC’s new website here: The decision to […]

Living Aulas early-career research school in Colombia

A unique research school beginning this week in Colombia brings together early-career research activists and grassroots change-makers from civil society who are working towards socio-ecological transformations, in order to discuss and develop emergent ways of approaching transformations research. Named ‘Living Aulas’ (living classrooms), the aim is to create a space for early-career researchers and change-makers […]

Seedbeds of transformation – science with society for SDGs in Africa

Members of the Transformations to Sustainability (T2S) community are well represented at the ‘Seedbeds of Transformation’ conference, which begins on 9 May in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. ‘Seedbeds of Transformation: the Role of Science with Society and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa’ aims to provide a collaborative space from which to interrogate transformations in […]

Twelve transnational projects receive 11.5 million euros for research on transformations to sustainability

Twelve transnational research projects starting in 2018 have been awarded 11.5 million euros from the Belmont Forum and NORFACE joint programme Transformations to Sustainability (T2S). The programme builds on and expands the Transformations to Sustainability programme launched by the ISSC in 2014. The twelve teams will undertake research in areas ranging from groundwater, mining, urban […]

Online forum on Just Transition(s) to a low-carbon world launched

The ‘Just Transition’ – the idea that justice and equity must form an integral part of the transition towards a low-carbon world – is the focus of a new digital publication launched recently by the Just Transition Research Collaborative (JTRC) and the International Social Science Council. Its authors include members of the Transformations to Sustainability Transformative […]

Resources round-up: latest publications from the T2S community

Our April 2018 newsletter includes numerous journal articles, books, blogs, book chapters, videos and more from the T2S community. Many of these are available open access. A perspective on radical transformations to sustainability: resistances, movements and alternatives Leah Temper, Mariana Walter, Iokiñe Rodriguez, Ashish Kothari, Ethemcam Turham (2018), Sustainability Science This paper presents key results and […]

New video: Towards Transformations in Practice

How can we make transformations in practice, to create a step change towards environmental sustainability? What does transformation look like? What methods can help create transformations? What about new innovations? And how can we accelerate transformations? We brought together members of the Transformations to Sustainability community to share their ideas on what transformations in practice […]

Resources round-up: latest publications from the T2S community

Our January 2018 newsletter includes a list of recent publications authored by members of the Transformations to Sustainability community and relevant to research carried out under the programme. (Re-)designing higher education curricula in times of systemic dysfunction: a responsible research and innovation perspective Valentina C. Tassone, Catherine O’Mahony, Emma McKenna, Hansje J. Eppink, Arjen E. […]