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Environmental activists at high risk of violence and assassination, according to new findings published by the ACKnowl-EJ network

Environmental activists suffer high rates of criminalization, physical violence and murder, according to findings published recently in Global Environmental Change. This is despite the fact that environmental defenders employ largely non-violent protest forms. Activists suffer violence in 18% of environmental conflicts, and murder in 13% of such conflicts. Indigenous environmental activists suffer especially high rates of violence. […]

Transformations 2019: Learning from Transformative Action and Thinking

The Transformations to Sustainability community will be active at the forthcoming Transformations 2019 conference, which takes place in Santiago, Chile. The theme for the conference is ‘Learning from Transformative Action and Thinking’, and discussions on on this topic will be kick-started on 15 October, when researchers from the Transformations to Sustainability community will convene a pre-conference […]

Call for Papers: Handbook of Climate Change Management: Research, Leadership, Transformation

The increased frequency and severity of extreme weather and climate impacts around the world suggests that urgent efforts are needed to better understand and manage such climate phenomena. Importantly, climate change occurs in tandem with other global mega-trends, including population growth, urbanisation, habitat destruction, resource depletion, pollution of the oceans, environmental degradation, biodiversity pressures and burgeoning rates of […]

The political challenge of achieving transformations to 1.5ºC – the role of social justice

A knowledge brief published by the Transformations to Sustainability programme assesses the role of social justice as an organizing principle to enhance the political feasibility of a dramatic decarbonization trajectory. This is the second in a series of knowledge briefs to be published by the Transformations to Sustainability programme. The knowledge briefs synthesize findings from recent […]

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Coronavirus, crisis and the real Argentine economy: Post-pandemic challenges

By Anabel Marin. This article was first published in Spanish in the newspaper Pagina12 on 10 May 2020. Read the original article A window of opportunity is opening to reshape the organization of society, to take better advantage of new technologies and to make it more sustainable and more humane. Argentina, through its successive crises, has […]

T-learning with change drivers in South Africa

Mitigating climate change and transforming to more sustainable pathways will require learning about new activities and new, more sustainable and more just social systems. The T-Learning network is working with different groups across nine countries to understand how transgressive learning (t-learning) processes emerge, what they look like, and how they can contribute to transformations to […]

How to create spaces for the transformation of extractive sectors in Latin America?

Extractive sectors like mining and agriculture are of high importance for Latin American countries as a source of foreign currency and revenues. In 2018 mining represented 56% of Chile’s total exports and agriculture 47% of Argentina’s exports. However, in the last few decades, they have been facing several challenges related to their own techno-productive dynamics […]

Transformations 2019: Coda

This post originally appeared on the SDG Transformation Forum blog. October 20, 2019. The world is rolling with thunder. Thunder of very different kinds. Two days ago, it was the thunderous applause of appreciation and celebration at the conclusion of the fourth international conference on social transformations to sustainability – Transformations 2019 – held for the first time […]