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About the programme

A new kind of research for sustainability

Transformations to Sustainability (T2S) is a research programme with a difference. The idea behind the programme is that environmental and social sustainability will never be achieved without profound social change. T2S was designed to promote research on the complex social transformations needed to address problems of global environmental change, as well as on interrelated societal problems such as poverty, corruption, migration, social discontent and conflict.

The programme has had two phases:

T2S supports an innovative, solution-oriented approach to sustainability research that:

T2S thereby aims to:

An introduction to the T2S programme:

T2S has three main lines of activity:

Supporting innovative research

Since its launch in 2014 the programme has awarded 38 seed grants, three major grants for international ‘Transformative Knowledge Networks’, and participated in the T2S consortium that has funded 12 Collaborative Research Projects.

Cultivating knowledge exchange and research capacity

We organize events and activities to foster the integration of knowledge, to enhance skills for doing integrated research and to facilitate interdisciplinary, international collaboration across low- and high-income countries.

2014 Transformative Knowledge Workshop, Potsdam
2015 Transformative Knowledge Workshop, Durban
2016 Transformative Knowledge Workshop, New Delhi
2017 Transformative Knowledge Workshop, Buenos Aires
2018 Transformative Knowledge Workshop, Fukuoka – a crossover between the three outgoing projects and the 12 incoming projects
2019 Workshop, Santiago de Chili – ‘Transformation Laboratories as spaces for co-designing social-ecological transformation: learning from different contexts and approaches’

Building a Transformations to Sustainability knowledge base

Our goal is to accelerate the emergence of a global body of expertise and knowledge on social transformation that will inform the development of solutions to sustainability challenges for the long term.

The Transformations to Sustainability Programme is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The National Research Foundation (NRF), South Africa, was an implementing partner in the call for proposals for Transformative Knowledge Networks.

The T2S programme contributes to the work of Future Earth, the global research platform.