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2018 Transformative Knowledge Workshop, Fukuoka

2018 Transformative Knowledge Workshop, Fukuoka

The fifth Transformative Knowledge Workshop took place in Fukuoka, Japan, on 21-24 September 2018. The theme was ‘Beginnings and endings, endings and beginnings’, reflecting the different stages of the three ‘Transformative Knowledge Networks’ (TKNs) from the original International Social Science Council T2S programme, and the twelve new projects funded under the NORFACE-Belmont Forum T2S programme.

The meeting was planned as perhaps the last of the annual workshops for the TKNs, who are currently wrapping up their projects before Q1/2 2019, and looking ahead to beyond the programme: to assessing, sustaining and building the impact of their work over the past three years, and eventually starting new projects. At the same time, the twelve new T2S projects are just getting underway and reflecting on how to reach their objectives over the next few years.

The workshop had five main aims:

The fast-growing city of Fukuoka – itself a meeting place of old and new, ancient and modern – was the backdrop to the exchanges, and the workshop included a field trip to visit the Rainwater Society initiative in the Fukuoka area. The Rainwater Society initiative aims to promote decentralized water management subsystems, in part by encouraging different generations of people to work together to harvest rainwater and develop green spaces.

Materials for download

Workshop agenda

List of participants

Workshop report

Feedback from participants of the workshop

Photos from the workshop are available on Flickr


Download the introductory presentation on Transformations to Sustainability

Download the presentation on ACKNOWL-EJ 

Download the presentation from PATHWAYS: What have we learned about research on/for social transformation? 

Download the presentation given by Adrian Ely (PATHWAYS) on concepts of impact, outcomes and sustainability

Slides from the presentation on T-LEARNING will follow.

Posters of new projects will follow.

World Social Science Forum

The workshop took place on the eve of the 2018 World Social Science Forum in Fukuoka, with two parallel sessions convened by the programme and one convened by the ACKNOWL-EJ TKN:

Download Melissa Leach’s keynote address to the new Belmont Forum-NORFACE T2S projects: Understanding and encouraging transformations to sustainability.

Download the introduction to the Transformations to Sustainability programme and two-slide presentations of each of the 12 projects.