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Supporting innovative research, knowledge exchange and capacity building for transformations to sustainability.


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Fostering knowledge exchange and building research skills around the world.

A programme of the International Science Council (ISC).

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The Transformations to Sustainability programme supports international, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research with a focus on the social dimensions of the causes of and solutions to sustainability challenges.

This website served to showcase the three funded Transformative Knowledge Networks and the programme outputs in the period 2015-2019. The website is maintained to allow users to access resources but is not frequently updated.
Information on the second set of funded projects in the Transformations to Sustainability programme is available at

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The programme funded 38 seed projects and three Transformative Knowledge Networks. Read more.

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Environmental activists at high risk of violence and assassination, according to new findings published by the ACKnowl-EJ network

Environmental activists suffer high rates of criminalization, physical violence and murder, according to findings published recently in Global Environmental Change. This is despite the fact that environmental defenders employ largely non-violent protest forms. Activists suffer violence in 18% of environmental conflicts, and murder in 13% of such conflicts. Indigenous environmental activists suffer especially high rates of violence. […]

Coronavirus, crisis and the real Argentine economy: Post-pandemic challenges

By Anabel Marin. This article was first published in Spanish in the newspaper Pagina12 on 10 May 2020. Read the original article A window of opportunity is opening to reshape the organization of society, to take better advantage of new technologies and to make it more sustainable and more humane. Argentina, through its successive crises, has […]