Transformations to Sustainability

Advancing transformations to more sustainable and equitable futures. Read more.

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Supporting innovative, social-science-led research on transformations to sustainability.

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Sharing articles, newsletters, videos and other resources on social transformations.

Network & Activities

Fostering knowledge exchange and building research skills around the world.

A programme of the International Science Council (ISC).

More about the programme

We aim to create a ‘Transformations Knowledge Base’ around social transformation that can inform the development of solutions to sustainability challenges for the long term.

The Transformations community brings together a growing network of researchers and practitioners who work towards social transformations in sustainability contexts.

Programme outputs include workshop documentation, webinars and written syntheses of knowledge.

Funded projects

The programme funded 38 seed projects and three Transformative Knowledge Networks. Read more.

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Unpacking language and power

“Una mañana colombiana, un grupo de gente hablaba del lenguaje, que es language y significa idioma. En fin, hablaban de hablar.” (Almendra Cremaschi, from a forthcoming ‘tiny book’) This blog was written by Anna James and generated by the Living Aulas collective, June 2018. At the Living Aulas in Colombia we took some time to […]

Argentina’s ‘Bioleft’ project shares its first open source seeds

By Patrick van Zwanenberg and Anabel Marin, Steps America Latina Last week, at a small ceremony in Argentina, seeds were transferred from researchers to farmers for the first time under a new kind of open source contract. Over the last eight months, STEPS America Latina has been busy discussing and designing Bioleft, an open source seed […]