Transformations to Sustainability

Advancing transformations to more sustainable and equitable futures. Read more.

Transforming research

Supporting innovative, social-science-led research on transformations to sustainability.

Sharing knowledge

Creating an open collection of outputs and other resources on social transformations.

Building capacity

Promoting research collaboration and skill building around the world.

A programme of the International Social Science Council (ISSC).

More about the programme

We aim to create a ‘Transformations Knowledge Base’ around social transformation that can inform the development of solutions to sustainability challenges for the long term.

The Transformations community brings together a growing network of researchers and practitioners who work towards social transformations in sustainability contexts.

Programme outputs include workshop documentation, webinars and written syntheses of knowledge.

Funded projects

The programme funded 38 seed projects and three Transformative Knowledge Networks. Read more.

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An anthropological perspective on transformations to sustainability: Meeting the demand for integrated social transformation with a political process of open and inclusive communication

Averting a global ecological collapse Contemporary societies and their economies must undergo a transformation to sustainability without further delay if we are to avoid an unprecedented ecological and socio-political disaster. To achieve such a transformation, principles consistent with sustainable ecosystems and social systems need to be identified and applied systematically across all sectors. What are […]

Harnessing transformations: To open up or close down?

There is little contention that the world is undergoing significant change at the planetary scale, primarily induced by human activity: think of climate change, ocean acidification and coral bleaching, plastic pollution, increasing biodiversity loss, to name but a few. Scientists have termed this era the Anthropocene, where human actions are the main drivers of global […]

Another sticky note on the big egg of “things to leave behind”  

Some weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the Transformations Conference in Dundee, Scotland. The focus was on diverse transformations contributing to more sustainable socio-ecological systems. Diversity, multiplicity, heterogeneity. A diversity of actors, territories, pathways and so on. These key elements for transformation were continually addressed and given value during the conference. But […]